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Modern Marble Makers at Work

Marble making in America has a colorful history that melts together characteristics that are common to Americans. In the earliest stages, marble making required many of the same technical skills used in industry. Craftsmen learned to blend the various glass and mineral elements. Entrepreneurs invented the tools to create marbles more consistently and in greater volumes.

The entrepreneurial spirit that built the first marble companies is still alive today, as you will see in the accompaning videos on this page.

Moon Marble Company

Moon Marbles

Rolling Into Business from Bethany Leiker on Vimeo.

The Moon Marble Company is located in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

Contemporary Marble Makers

Peltier Glass Company – Sellers and Joseph Peltier learned glassmaking from their French immigrant father, Victor, who specialized in stained glass. When a fire destroyed their Novelty Glass Company factory, the two brothers rebuilt the glassworks and renamed it the Pelterier Glass Company. In the early 1920's, Peltier Glass began to make a line of marbles producing brightly colored slags, swirls, corkscrews, and agates. It became one of the leading marble manufacturers from the 1920s to the 1940s. In addition to its regular line of marbles, Pelteir produced picture marbles, a popular series of twelve marbles that each had a decal of a contemporary comic-strip characters such as Betty Boop and Any Gump. Today these marbles are known to collectors as comics. The Peltier Glass Company is still manufacturing marbles in Ottawa Illinois.


Marble Manufacturing

at Marble King

( Part One)

Marble King is one of the few marble manufacturers left in the United States. Each day the factory produces over a million new marblees.

Marble Manufacturing

at Marble King

(Part Two)

Marble King marbles are packaged and sold around the world. Our host explains how to play marbles.