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Oh Marbles!

The Classic Marbles Game

Oh Marbles! This is the like real marbles game, not a board game. Sort your collection of marbles and shoot marbles out of a circle. Play around the "Marble Town" neighborhood in places where any kid would shoot marbles, like grandmas house, the back yard, the park or the corner store.

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Marbles Game with Dropsies!

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Do you like the cartoon marbles in Oh Marbles? Send us some! Your challenge is to design funky looking marbles for Oh Marbles. These geeky marbles can be added to Oh Marbles and downloaded in the game.
Send us marbles in the Marbles Challenge.

We love Marbles games!

Marbles are fun to play with, and they are also beautiful. iMarbles.com is here to help you play marbles in all kinds of ways.

We created Oh Marbles, a game for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and the iPad.

We show you the glass artists who are making the coolest hand-made glass marbles. We report on news about marbles clubs and tournaments. We can teach you how to play marbles. We even have encourage kids and artists of all ages to send us marble designs to include in Oh Marbles!

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Cool Hand Made Marbles!

There are fascinating artists making hand made marbles. That's why we are featuring them in the Oh Marbles game. You will find sets of marbles like these:

Universe Marbles - Finely made by the experienced hands of Gateson Recko, these marbles invite you to gaze into the universe.


Winlock Marbles - Made by Cory Anderson, these bright, classic, hand made marbles are sought by collectors.

Marble Animation!

Cartoon Marbles can be as fun, wacky, or as silly as you can imagine. We are inviting artists to submit cartoon marbles.


Many of the marbles in Oh Marbles are cartoons and animations. We are always looking for creative artists to send us their craziest art and animation. We let players know who designed art marbles displayed here and in the game, Oh Marbles!