Oh Marbles! This has been tough! It is certainly true that the work just begins when an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad application is finally published on the iTunes App Store. For the independent and self funded developer, the act of publishing can be like playing the lottery or starting a rock band. This independent developer is of the opinion that success will come if we think of it like becoming a rock star. Sure, it takes some luck, but the odds improve with a good strategy, masterful execution, persistence, and hard work.  In the same way that most garage bands never become famous, you cannot expect anything good to come of a simple, look-alike game that you throw together and abandon on the Apple store.  It will just be more debris in the Apple wasteland of abandoned and anonymous apps.

This section of the Oh Marbles! Blog is to describe for you the lessons I have learned in making just one app and promoting it for the App store. These are the topics that will be covered here:

  1. Listen and improve
  2. Go global
  3. Monitor your performance in various App stores
  4. Make a map
  5. Tell a friend
  6. Adjust the price
  7. Get reviews
  8. Try free app
  9. Build in a review prompt
  10. Add facebook integration
  11. Press releases
  12. Make a narrative
  13. Videos
  14. Video help
  15. Be unique
  16. Be consistent
  17. Choose keywords carefully
  18. Chose publishers name carefully
  19. Numbers game
  20. Use google keyword research to identify good app keywords
  21. Google analytics
  22. Jumptap.com
  23. Advertising that sucks
  24. Cross marketing
  25. Facebook strategies
  26. App wasteland – standing out from the debris that get zero sales
  27. Keeping the product description fresh
  28. Pick a good name (include keywords, refer to Peter Whitley’s categories)

I hope that you find this to be helpful.  The individual articles will be added as time permits.

Wes Sauer