Organizing marbles games is surprisingly easy. This is a simple, fun activity for kids starting around four years up to about twelve.

Find a location

You may find several good places in your community to play marbles. Here are some ideas. Find a cool neighborhood toy store that has a large floor or game room. A family run business like a small toy store would love to have more kids and parents visiting. Visit a local grade school, fire station or court house for a large cement or wood floor that would work for marbles games. Or if you are really committed and you have kids returning week after week, try building a dedicated marbles ring.

Get the word out

If there are a lot of kids in your neighborhood you may just start with a few flyers posted. You may be able to distribute flyers through a local school system. Of course there are the social networking sites: Facebook, twitter, google plus and others. Don’t worry about starting small. You could just invite your friends and let the word get out slowly.

Bring lots of marbles.

If you are organizing a community marbles event, be sure to bring lots of marbles. Not many kids today have marbles laying around. That shouldn’t be a problem for you though because marbles are cheap. You can buy them in bulk from a place like Moon Marble. Part of the fun of playing marbles is in winning someone else’s marbles, especially if they are special. If you buy marbles in bulk, be sure to buy a few larger ones or some of a special style. Mix those in with the rest when you distribute them to kids.

Organizing marbles games

On the day of your marbles games, you have just one mission. Have fun! You can arrange for the older kids to play a tournament and crown a marble king and queen. Or, you can keep it informal and give the kids a chance to just play marbles.

Try to make marbles games a regular event. Parents and kids may be more likely to attend and bring friends once they have had a fun playing marbles.