Marbles tournament in Wildwood

What Is It: The 87th annual National Marbles Tournament is a four-day event in which “mibsters,” or marble shooters, ages 8 to 14 compete for national honors, awards, prizes and college scholarships. The event kicks off today.
Penolope Bauer, 12  Allegheny Co. Pa.

What To Expect: The game played is called Ringer, in which 13 marbles are placed in the center of a 10-foot circle in the formation of an X. Mibsters from across the country will take turns launching their large, “shooter” marbles at their regular-sized targets. The first player to knock seven marbles out of the circle wins.

Event Info: The tournament will take place from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. today through Thursday at the Ringer Stadium, located at Wildwood Avenue and the beach in Wildwood. The event is free for spectators. Call 304-337-2764 for more information.