A story about a boy who played a different kind of marble game. Bobby was lousy mibster, or marble player. He had just a pocket full of marbles, and this caught the attention of his dad. One weekend, his dad went to the wood shop and made a wooden box with no top or bottom. in the front, he carved five holes. The hole in the center was the largest, and it had an umber 5 written above it. To the sides of that were two more holes, smaller, with the number 20 above them. at the ends of the box were two more even smaller holes with the number 50 above them. Bobby’s dad told him to take it to school and explain to the other kids how they could play. They would roll their marbles across the cement sidewalk toward the box. If the marble went in one of the holes, they would get 5, 20, or maybe 50 marbles. Sure enough, Bobby had to pay out a bunch of marbles to his friends, but gradually, he collected so many marbles that he filled a coffee can and then nobody would play his game any more!