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Marbles Clubs around the World

This directory of marbles clubs was assembled in July 2009 and it is updated periodically. If you would like to have a link to your club here, or submit a local news story, please contact us.


Marble stories in the News

There are two big marble stories for July 2009. The release of "Play Marbles" on the Apple Store by Darkside Entertainment is exciting for people who want a traditional marbles application for the iPhone. It is by far the best marbles game available on the Apple Store. Congratulations to the team their for beautiful work.

The other marble story of July is the Annual American Marble Tournament held in Charlston West Virginia.


Marbles master Ricky Brode rule the rings at Wildwood. Cumberland Times-News 6/24/2009

Family Legacy Lives on in Girls Marbles Champ. Press of 6/26/2009

An Interview with Antique Marble Collector Alan Basinet, June 8, 2009

Marbles Manufacturers

Marbles have been manufactured in high quantities by a number of manufacturers for more than a century. This is a directory of marble manufacturers who are currently in business.

Moon Marble Company





Fine Art Marble Makers

These artists are currently active making marbles by hand. Some of their marbles can be purchased here on this web site.

Jane Walker - Artist.
Bert Cohen's Marvelous Marbles
Fusion Art Glass
Fulton Parker Glass
Artists who sell through Land of Marbles
Aaron Slater
Andy Gregorich
Bruce Troeh
Carl Fisher
Chad Trent
Christopher Rice
David Salazar
J.D. Anderson
J.R. Hooper (miniature marbles)
Jesse Demoss
Jody Fine
John Bridges
Ken Schneidereit
Kevin Nail
Lundberg Studios
Paul Katherman
Sabina Boehm
Shasta Visions
Teign Valley Glass

Other Contemporary Glass Artists

Weber Glas (Travis Weber)

Richard Clark
Ken Griswold
Nick Bartlett
Geoffrey Beetem
Shane Caswell
Nadine Macdonald
Eddie Seese
Francis Coupal
Bill Murray
John Talmage



Marble Web Sites

American Toy Marble Museum - located at the origin of the American marble industry.

The National Marble Museum Part of the:

West Virginia Museum of American Glass

The Akron Marbles Store - dedicated to the history of the American toy marble industry that started in Akron Ohio in the 1880's.

Marbles Galore - a great blog.

Marbles Marbles! dot com

Art Glas 2 Glass Works

Game Marble Bibliography