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Marble Design Challenge

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Sample animated marble
Designer: Peter Whitley





What is the Challenge?

Imarbles is an iphone game and a fun platform for serving up visual art as still images, animations, and 3D models. You are invited to compete with designers from around the world to create marble designs that push the limits of what we might call a marble.

Why Participate?

This is not a contest with a single winner or two. Once approved, your marble designs will go immediately into our game platform, where they will add excitement to the game and represent you or your business. Your designs will circulate where ever our players win, lose, trade and collect digital marbles. You will receive credit by name and a reference to your web site from within the iPhone / iTouch game. How cool is that?



Submission Format

Format Samples:

1. Still Images. Dimension - 256 x 256 px at 72 DPI, PNG format only.

Simple Still Image Marble
Designer: Wes Sauer


Simple Animation Loop
Designer: Wes Sauer

2. Animations. Dimension, 256 x 256 px at 72 dpi. Animations should play at 16 frames per second for no longer than three seconds. Submit as FLA or uncompressed MOV files. Animations can loop, or play through once.

3. 3D Models. These will be displayed at dimension of 256 x 256 px. Submit as Blender file.

Simple 3D model
Designer: Wes Sauer

Approval Process

We would like to see a wide range of creative thoughts in your designs, including a little "playground attitude". All designs that meet our quality expectations and comply with our design challenge terms will be available for play within our iPhone application marble game. Marble designers will receive credit next to the marble image in the game, and users will have the opportunity to rank their favorite marbles.

Acceptable Content.

This is a family friendy game. We reserve the right to reject any design submitted for any reason. However, please use the following guidelines as you send designs.

  • The content of a design may include logos or other marks of a business identity so long as you own the right to submit the design.
  • We encourage visual jokes, puns, or otherwise laughable content.
  • Push the limits of the digital marble concept. Pies, fruit, planets can be expected. Be creative. We are looking for quality.
  • Submit sets of designs if you like, such as items that could be grouped into a category.
  • Submit series of images, such as a set of cartoon panels that only fully make sense when viewed together.
  • A full explanation of the rules is described during the submission process.